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6 Trends in Funny Fancy Dress Costumes for 2019

A funny costume is an absolute winner no matter the occasion. Okay, so that’s not strictly true, funerals might be a little awkward… but we have lots of funny costume ideas here to suit plenty of other events. Leave your ego at the door and get ready to raise a whole lotta smiles at your next costume party.

The best thing about these funny costumes is that they’re totally hassle-free. Throw it on and you’re ready to roll. From the classic banana costume to the more unusual Lederhosen morphsuit, there’s something here for all kinds of weird. You’ll also find some fun favorites: the adult baby, the fried egg, the gnome, and even an entire range of funny inflatable costumes. There’s a selection of funny animal costumes too, and more step-in costumes than you can shake a stick at — dinosaur piggyback ride, anyone?

Be brave and brighten up your next social event with one of these funny fancy dress costumes. If you want to amplify the laughs, why not dress up as a group? Head to our inspiration page for funny group costume ideas (we can help you get inspired for bachelor parties too).

Clown Lady Fancy Dress Costume

Buy from Fancypanda Entertain the crowd with the Clown Lady Costume. This multi-coloured authentic costume includes a hooped dress, shirt, bow tie, stripy tights and hat. Don’t forget to purchase a Red Clown Nose. You’ll be fit for the circus in this number! at a great price.

Skeleton Fancy Dress Costume

Buy from Fancypanda Dance to xylophone music in this skeleton jumpsuit and enjoy a fancy dress tradition loved by everyone. No costume party is perfect unless someone dresses as a skeleton, so be that person! This Skeleton Jumpsuit from Fancypanda is fun, scary and comfortable. It’ll cover you from head to toe in scary, scary bones. Do a few party tricks simply by dancing in the dark and make everyone’s night at a great price.

Men’s Dictator Fancy Dress Costume Grey

Buy Men’s Dictator Fancy Dress Costume Grey, at great price and look like Kim Jong Un. An outfit ideal for Halloween parties,Hen nights,Stag nights and fancy dress parties.Our costume includes the dark grey jacket with red badge and button up front with a great style collar and the matching trousers.

80s Mens Shell Suit Scouser Tracksuit

Buy from Fancypanda Scouser Tracksuit at a low price.

80s Scouser Tracksuit, Red & White, with Jacket & Trousers Always fancied yourself as a scouser? Fancypanda has the answer! Dress up in our cool scouser tracksuit, just add the permed wig and moustache to complete the look. Don’t forget to practice your accent.

Men’s Cereal Killer Fancy Dress Costume

Buy from Fancypanda Cereal Killer Costume, Blue, with Tabard, in Display Bag at a great price.Men’s Wallyman Fancy Dress Costume.

Traffic Light Fancy Dress Costume 

Buy from Fancypanda Traffic Light Costume, with Traffic Cone Hat Stop! Go! This Traffic Light Costume is perfect for fun fancy dress parties and amusing nights on the town. Included is the Traffic Light Costume and Traffic Cone Hat. at a Low price.

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